Strong Magnet A perfume that contains pheromones that is able to change the social life of any man. Its efficacy and safety has been IFRA certified. Pheromones are behaviour-altering substances that can make someone seem more attractive to the opposite sex. Ideal for business meetings or passionate nights with your partner.

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How does Strong Magnet work?


Strong Magnet Pheromones has a unique ingredient - androstadienone, which is extremely fast acting and very effective. This substance has an intense effect on the hypothalamus in the female brain that generates an increase in their sexual drive and desire. Men using Strong Magnet will appear attractive, appealing and masculine to the eyes of any woman.

While Strong Magnet is a product intended for men, it has an extremely positive effect on the well-being and health of women. It relieves premenstrual tension, increases the feeling of comfort, reduces nervousness and generally generates a good mood.

What will you gain by using Strong Magnet?

How to apply Strong Magnet?

Strong Magnet Pheromones is provided in discreet packaging that resemble perfume bottles. This allows for easy, tactful use. Just press the dispenser several times to release the seductive pheromone scent. The effects will last for about 75 minutes. After this time, you will need another application to maintain the effects of Strong Magnet.

Strong Magnet containers have a capacity of 15 ml, so you can always have them with you, in case of emergency situations.

Strong Magnet

Reviews about Strong Magnet

Strong Magnet Review

"I recently ordered Strong Magnet and even after using it for the first time I noticed a difference. Women have become a lot nicer to me and when I go out to nightclubs I have never been met with any denial from the ladies. With Strong Magnet my success with women has increased and so has my confidence!"


Strong Magnet Review

"I have experimented with pheromones before. In the past I used cheap pheromones that were not effective. Strong Magnet costs a little more, but it works really well, all the time with any woman!"


How to order?

Strong Magnet orders have a Satisfaction Guarantee. This gives you the option to return the item and get your money back if you are not completely satisfied with Strong Magnet. All orders are shipped from us in 100% discreet packaging - no one will know what the shipment contains. By ordering today, you will receive a special manufacturer's discount. Order now as the number of packets covered in this promotion are limited.

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